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Interested in joining our team of healthcare professionals, providing exceptional care?

At 3CMalta, we aim to be the core of community health care services.

Bridging the gaps between our client requirements and the limitations they face. The health of our clients and independence is at the top of our priority list, and so, we made sure to raise the bar when it comes to the quality of our services by focusing on building a team of dedicated and qualified practitioners.

We have ‘healing the whole person’ as our goal, the ideal of caring for the entire person and not just the physical body. We believe that being healthy is more than just ‘not being ill’. Being healthy is defined as:

  1. being able to reach your goals,
  2. feeling good with your mind, body and spirit,
  3. feeling part of a healthy community, and
  4. being able to make decisions and take control of your life.

We make sure to look beyond each client’s immediate health concerns. Our proactive approach includes health education, illness prevention strategies, and screening for early detection of disease.