Older adults might express the desire to hop on the technology train but would require some assistance in order to understand how these gadgets work. As the years go by, it is more likely that we start to experience complications and changes with our bodies – which might directly affect our way of living, such as visual and hearing impairments. Here, we listed 5 ways and means on how technology can be simplified for seniors who are not too familiar with the subject, and also how small changes can make their life much simpler despite possible health complications.

1. Large buttons with Bold Font

Due to the higher possibility of experiencing vision loss at a senior age, this directly impacts how they interact with technology. This means that frustration may arise as they are unable to see or read whatever is on their screen. When possible, opt for devices that offer oversized buttons that are easier for your senior loved ones to identify and use.

Loss of vision, amongst other health issue possibilities, can develop in older adults over the years. This spectrum of age-related health conditions can make life slightly more challenging for seniors to live independently. However, many of the challenges they face can be easier to manage if they are provided with professional home care assistance.

2. Adjust the Settings

Most of today’s technological items on the market, such as Apple with iPhone, allow customization to features that might allow better user experience as they fit the needs of the individual. Here are some examples of the customization possibilities for both Apple and Android. This option is very important for senior users as this allows the ease of usage with the particular challenges they experience on a daily basis. As an example, some older adults with arthritis may find it difficult to double-click on buttons. In this case, the computer or smartphone can be set in a way to allow it to respond to single clicks, enlarge areas of the screen to make text look bigger, or modify the brightness and contrast to enhance screen visibility. Such adjustments may allow you to offer a better user experience to your loved ones.

3. Opt for simplified Mobile Phone Models

No, those extra features suppliers double the selling price for are not necessarily required in such cases. As you scout for a new device, opt for those that tick off the ‘Must-haves’ boxes, yet are the most simple and basic both from a hardware and software perspective. Here are 13 useful gadgets for seniors, which not only allow ease of use due to their simplifications but also improve their living quality and independence.

Furthermore, although such gadgets are simplified in order to assure ease of use for senior audiences when living at home they often require assistance with a number of activities around the house. Some seniors might need occasional assistance at home, which might cause issues as relatives who take care of them are not always available to lend a helping hand as they might require time to run errands, work, rest, and also carry on with their tight schedule. 3C Malta specialized professionals offer an array of services such as personal care assistance, companionship, and domestic care, which are made available on a scheduled basis in line with the client’s requirements. This allows peace of mind for the whole family that their loved ones are trusted in the care of professionals, promising safety and quality care.

4. Choose Voice Commands

Many senior-friendly technologies, including home security systems, work using voice commands that eliminate the need to physically interact with it. Simple voice commands can be set in order to make it very easy for older adults to actually make use of and most importantly, remember.

5. Save Account Settings

When one makes regular use of certain websites or social media accounts, make sure to consider saving all passwords beforehand. This is once you assist your loved ones set up any required accounts, and making sure to keep a record of their login details. Make sure to inform them on protecting their password and also are made aware of any spam/ hacking possibilities.

While advanced tech devices and gadgets make life more simple, unfortunately, they are still not able to offer physical help with everyday activities. Senior adults who require assistance with the tasks of daily living can highly benefit from reliable elderly care. Our caregivers are trained to help seniors prevent and manage serious illnesses and encourage them to make healthier decisions as they age.

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