Home, to most of us, signifies trust, love, and security. No matter where we are, we always long to return home, despite how good it feels to travel miles away. Home will always give us that sense of comfort and warm feeling in our hearts. Starting ever since we are small kids, experiencing the first challenges life throws at us, till the days we retire.

Unfortunately, some tend to turn to the idea that the only viable option to opt to when reaching a certain age, in order to be cared for and be secure, is to introduce major life changes, such as moving to a permanent live-in home. Although one must keep in mind that despite the fact that a large number of old people remain relatively active and independent, one cannot overlook the fact that with greater age comes a heavier burden of age-related disorders and disabilities. With this being said, it is important to face the options available for certain individuals, which do not end up negatively impacting their sense of dignity, identity, and morals. Ageing in one’s home is still a realistic option and an achievable lifestyle choice for many, with the right help and support.

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Old people who age in their own homes, tend to experience a deeper sense of autonomy and overall satisfaction and contentedness due to the familiarity and security home brings to individuals. Home-care plans work hand in hand with preventing unnecessary hospital admissions, which provide a sense of trust and security of the surroundings and their living state. Furthermore, health-care services are essential to maintain the functional ability and dignity of older people at a certain stage of life.

Home is a warehouse of memories and experiences, provides a sense of identity and belonging, where individuals could best be their true selves. Home enables older individuals to sustain their relationships with their loved ones, friends, and the broader community.

To ensure safety, happiness, and sustaining the full health potential of elderly individuals, one must ensure that the activities of daily living and basic needs are efficiently met in their own home. This also applies to instrumental activities of living such as housekeeping, cooking, shopping, and many others which are crucial in maintaining independence and quality of life.

In this day and age, several caregiving services, home modification options, and technological advances are optional to support elderly individuals.

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At 3C Malta, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live independently, regardless of age, disorders, or disabilities. Our plans and services are aimed to address the unique needs of seniors who want to remain in their own homes and active in their communities.