Oral health consists of dental hygiene, tongue cleansing, and saliva control. Oral health is a vital factor for overall body health and nourishment. Through the oral route, all the nutrients and nourishment of the body get fulfilled. Any problem in oral health can be detrimental to the body’s other functions, such as the GI tract, immune system, and hemostasis (for electrolyte imbalance and dehydration). 

This article will discuss a few vital tips and tricks for maintaining good oral hygiene and health.

Tips for a healthy oral cavity

Flossing and brushing are the main steps of maintaining a good dental regimen or routine. However, these steps are not the only things which you can do for the maintenance of health.

Following are the steps or tips which you can follow to achieve the maximum health and benefits for your oral cavity.

Brush your Teeth twice a day

The cleanliness and health of the teeth come with regular hygiene maintenance. If you brush your teeth two times a day, you can keep the plaque and permanent discoloration at bay. Patients who have elderly or kids at home should introduce the concept of brushing two times in one day. For easier and holistic cleansing, divide the mouth into four quadrants and give about 30 seconds to each of these quadrants. The use of the right brushing technique is also vital in teeth brushing. Do not damage the soft tissues and gums around teeth and always use circular motions (small motions) with an angle towards the gum line. 

Similarly, flossing is another essential step to follow in the oral health regimen. The most recommended technique is to floss the teeth every night before brushing your teeth or going to bed. Most of the time, people miss this step which causes the accumulation of food particles in the cavities or holes between teeth and gums. The tight spaces between teeth and gums are the most vulnerable sites for bacterial growth due to dirt and particles accumulation.

Replace or change the Dental tools

Dental care tools consist of toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste. It is recommended to replace or change your toothbrush every 4-6 months, depending upon the condition of the toothbrush. A damaged toothbrush can be ineffective in cleaning. It can cause damage to the surrounding fragile or soft tissues of the gums. After using the toothbrush, rinse it with clean water and dry it before the next use. Always keep the toothbrush in places where it can not contract the bacteria and other detrimental microorganisms. 

Similarly, other hygiene products such as flossing and mouthwashes (prescribed) can also help oral and dental health. Moreover, other accessories for dental health may include tongue cleaners, interdental cleaners, and oral irrigators.

Early signs of oral Infections and Diseases

Different oral diseases and infections can show different signs and symptoms. However, the most common or frequent symptoms are:

  • Recurrence of bad breath
  • Sore gums or bleeding from the gums
  • Pain in jaw, teeth, and gums
  • Sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold foods
  • Persistent swelling in lymph nodes, jaws, and gums
  • Eventual loss of the teeth
  • Soreness in lips, gums, and mouth orifices

Significance of regular Dental visits

Regular dental checkups are significant for dental health because they can help keep the gums and teeth healthy. According to the dentists, regular dental checkups are recommended every 6-months for all individuals. 

The regular dental visits consist of two main parts:

  • Examination or checkups
  • Oral prophylaxis or cleaning

In dental examinations or checkups, dentists look for cavities and other problems through dental X-rays. These exams also include the identification of tartar or plaque on the teeth. The checkup phase carefully examines teeth, gums, throat, neck, head, and face. These exams can be beneficial in looking for the signs of redness, oral cancer, and swelling. 

In the next phase of the visit, cleaning of the required areas can be performed. Patients can remove the plaque or dirt at home, but tartar is the permanent dirt that is not manageable at home. During the clinic visits, your dentists can perform tartar cleansing through the use of specialized tools and machinery. The removal of tartar may consist of polishing and scaling of the teeth. 

Elderly patients and individuals should focus more on their oral health to increase the lifespan of their teeth.

Dentures Maintenance

Dentures are the replacement (temporary or removable) for the missing teeth or one tooth and the surrounding gum tissues. Dentures can come in complete or partial structures, either for full teeth or some teeth. Most of the time, elderly patients use dentures for performing their mastication and chewing habits. Our Dentist can also provide the best guidelines and maintenance for the elderly.

The maintenance of good health for dentures consist of the following steps:

  • Regularly rinse and remove the dentures after you have eaten
  • Careful handling of the dentures
  • Cleansing of mouth after dentures removal
  • Brushing of dentures at least once a day
  • Always try to soak the dentures in water for the whole nightbefore putting the dentures back in the mouth, rinse them thoroughly
  • Always try to schedule dental care visits at least once every six months for careful examination and checkups for gums health and incidence of infections.

How can 3C Malta help at your home comfort?

Thames Dental is the dental clinic that offers all the comprehensive dental care, however, some of the services can be done at the comfort of your own home through this collaboration, since some services can be done in the comfort of one’s home. We aim to provide the initial consultation, portable interventions, and medicine prescription at your home through paying a physical visit. Most of the time, it is troublesome for the elderly to pay visits to dental clinics either due to their health or hospitals’ increased infectious risk atmosphere. In such cases, 3C Malta can make the patients have their consultation and services by Dr. Colin Gambin from Thames Dental, who is a very professional, skilful and certified dentist with several years’ experience in dentistry. Dentures maintenance, checkups, and medicine prescriptions can easily be provided at the ease of home for elderlies.

The home dental program can help in enhancing the dental care and hygiene of our clients at 3CMalta. You should never skip or delay the dental consultation when you can find a reliable and professional dentist at home. Any problem with dental hygiene can directly affect the whole eating process and eventually the body health. Contact us to find out how we can help.